About Us

Our Story

Clik Clik was founded in 2012 by Joe McIntyre. Several years earlier he owned a small business and naturally started meeting other small business owners around town. He could not help notice that most of the business owners he met seemed to have 3 common problems:

  1. They were constantly chasing people for payment and were out of pocket, which is obviously super stressful when you are a small business owner.
  2. Every time their phone rang they would have to stop their work to answer the phone even if it meant leaving the client they were currently with.
  3. Trying to sync diaries over the phone seemed to be a frustrating experience for both parties because everyone is just so busy these days.

On the other hand Joe did not have any of these issues, he was always paid up front before he did any work and did not stress about missing a phone call because he knew customers could always see his availability and book with him day or night.

You see he had just left his job in IT after 10 years in the industry to start a small business in a completely different industry. The thing is, he knew the power of technology, how to leverage it and he built a basic website with a basic online appointment booking system. Joe would always share with business owners how he setup his system but a lot of them did not have an IT background and were understandably unsure of how to build a similar system. Joe decided to close his small business and focus on building an online appointment booking system that could be used by people who are not technical. Clik Clik has grown from humble beginnings to now having a team of people across the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. Clik Clik is a very comprehensive online appointment booking system that is constantly being improved and enhanced, it is trusted and used by Government, Personal Trainers, Business Coaches and Massage Therapists just to name a few.