4 Things We Can Learn from Business Leaders Who Started with Nothing


Some people in the business world which we all look up to had powerful friends or family to help them get ahead, so it might seem it was fairly easy for them. Other ones, however, started their multi-million dollar empires all by themselves with no money to invest and no experienced friends to provide them with advice.

Although both of the above groups of businesspeople can provide some invaluable tips on making the right decisions, taking the necessary actions, and simply getting yourself into the right mindset to be successful, we all tend to listen to the ones who had nothing when they started much more closely.

It’s all about who we can relate with more after all, so if a person with countless problems in their early life can become a billionaire, who’s there to stop us from doing that as well? I think these people certainly know what they’re talking about, so here are a few tips from some of the brightest business minds on the planet.

1. Break the rules

4 Things We Can Learn from Business Leaders Who Started with Nothing 1

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