7 Must-Haves When You’re on a Caravan Adventure

Caravanning opens up a whole lot of great experiences for everyone. Young and old alike would certainly find caravan getaways a kind of experience that brings about so many unforgettable memories. However, for these experiences to be truly more memorable than something that you’d rather forget, preparation is the key. You have to make sure that at least a year or months before your scheduled caravan days you already have a clear checklist of the things that you will be bringing with you down that long winding road. Most of all, don’t forget the essentials. In case you are new to caravanning or just wanted to make sure you don’t forget anything, check out the following list:

Electricity Cable

Although the joy of caravan usually comes from the thought of being able to leave home and just be away on an escapade. But, this doesn’t mean that just because you are on a caravan you can just sit all night in the dark. You need electricity for your fridge, microwave, rice cooker and most of all your smartphone. So make sure to bring with you an electricity cable and as much as possible bring the one that is 25 metres long.

Gas Bottle

Gas bottle is so important especially if you are the type of person who does not want to rely on fast foods and other “instant” foods. If you’d love to cook some eggs or any other simple recipe while caravanning might as well bring some gas bottles with you. Although butane gas is more efficient to use during summer but a lot of caravanners prefer propane because of its all-year-round capabilities. And, don’t ever think that you can just easily purchase these online while you’re on the road. Most of the time, these gas bottles are so hard to buy online.

Hitch Lock

Without a hitch lock, your vehicle would be at risk of getting towed away by other people. This is why you have to purchase a hitch lock. Most of the time, hitch locks are so easy to fit. It could be a bit costly but nothing is more costly than having your car being towed away by strangers! Use a hitch lock in conjunction with your axle lock for better security.


A kettle is another useful thing that you need to bring with you. This is because a hot water is something that you cannot just simply buy anywhere else. Although there aren’t any specific requirements to what type of kettle to use, because anything will definitely do, but you may also choose to buy a caravan kettle. But, if you have one in your kitchen then it is completely fine not to purchase a new one and just bring whatever kettle you have.


This may not seem to be the first one that you can think of while preparing for your caravan adventure. But, being on the road for days and nights would more likely have you wishing you brought your TV with you. You can’t just rely on your smartphones for the daily news. Besides, how about your favorite nightly soapies? Look for that specific caravan TV that may work on 12v. If you don’t have one yet, check here for caravan TV.

Caravan Step

Caravan step may seem to be less essential but if you experience something in the road where you need to go up and down your caravan for several times in a day you’d realize just how tiring it could be without a caravan step. Whether you choose the one that only has one step or the plastic double steps are up to you and to your companions as well.

Fresh Water Carrier

Caravanning wouldn’t be as exciting if you don’t get to drink a cup of coffee in the morning. To make this possible, bring along a freshwater carrier. Not to mention the fact that you also need to wash otherwise everybody will stink inside the caravan. One good option would be the one that looks like a plastic drum that can just be easily rolled if they’re too heavy with water.

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