Best Ideas To Revamp Your Office For Increased Productivity

As a fact, employees spend their whole day at work.  Therefore, employees finding their workspace comfortable and stimulating enough to achieve more in each working day becomes one of the important factors for the success of a business.  Hence, most of the companies are re-modelling their workplace to make it a pleasant environment that can foster purposeful and productive work as well as provide room for personalization, creativity and customization.

Re-modelling a corporate office involves many aspects.  Adjusting or upgrading the office furniture, changing the layouts, giving it the correct lighting and painting the workspace to create the perfect ambience for productivity are some of them.

Proven Tips That Are Guaranteed To Increase Employee Productivity!

  • Bringing nature into man-made spaces is the norm of today’s modern offices.  About 90% of employees spend their time indoors in a typical workday.  Many people try to stretch their time to spend outdoors.  As such nature incorporated into the workspace is a sure way to maximize the productivity of the employees. 
  • Minimizing health hazards and reducing fatigue and strain in the processes help businesses make the best products in a more effective way.
  • Having spacious desks, comfortable office seating with good headrests and backrests are critical in reducing absenteeism due to ill-health. 
  • Having the correct lighting has a positive impact on the human mind.  Dim lights lead to lethargy, while intense lights cause irritation, both common enemies for productivity.  Take advantage of natural light which reduces headaches, drowsiness, anxiety and stress.  Invest in suitable lighting that lifts up the mood and gear them up for work!
  • Giving your office a fresh coat of paint so as to create the perfect setting and mood for purposeful and productive work can be another important aspect in boosting employee performance.  However, choosing the right colours for your workspace is a matter to be considered with the utmost care.  Consider approaching residential and commercial painters in Maryborough for the best professional advice on re-painting your corporate office.

Effects Of Colours On Mood

The most famed colour psychologist Angela Wright proved that colours had an impact on humans’ mood and behavior.  Ms Wright concluded as follows;

Blue:  Blue stimulates the mind and leads to higher productivity.  The hues of blue colour are ideal for staying focused.  As such, professions such as accounting should use blue paint for focus and increased productivity.

Red:  Red evokes a sense of urgency.  In physical jobs such as construction, red will stimulate the workers’ energy levels.

Yellow:  Yellow stimulates emotions.  As such it is ideal for creative industries.  It also creates happy feelings and lifts up everyone’s emotions.

Green:  Green is for balance, calmness and reassurance.  Green works well for financial industries.

Teal:  Teal is a combination of blue and green.  As such, it can turn the productivity to high speed.  The brightness and intensity are also important for the desired effect.  A soft teal with a touch of grey will do the trick too at businesses related to finance and accounting.

Brown:  Brown works good in a space that needs to feel powerful and strong. Attached with rich wood office fixtures, the law profession can thrive with brown.

Purple:  For a calming and yet regal feel, the many shades of purple are the best.  A light purple, like lavender, works well to make the customers in spas and feminine salons feel very good.

A well-designed workstation is vital for running a successful company.  This supports to boost the employee morale tremendously, increase their productivity and make them remain loyal to the company!

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