Common Types of Glass Used in Storefronts

Every businessman knows that one key factor in better sales is making their storefront more appealing. Having a glass storefront makes a shop look more inviting since you have plenty of space to showcase your best products. If you’re planning to update your storefront or simply starting a new business, these are the most common commercial glass used to achieve a striking storefront.

Transparent Glass

Transparent glass is also known as the classic type when it comes to commercial glass. It is clear so all the passers-by can get to see all your products in display. This type is commonly used on boutiques and salons since more customers get drawn in when they catch a glimpse of what’s in store. Transparent glass is held in place by aluminium panels which are also included in a glass installation service. Contact a commercial fit outs Perth provider to get the best advice in finding the best for your business.

Stained Commercial Glass

Stained glass is not usually used in businesses but with so many stores around, picking a unique glass for your storefront helps it stand out. This type is what you can usually see on churches. However, its design can be customized to fit your shop. Stained glass is colourful and gives a cheerful vibe to a venue which is why it is usually used on bars, clubs and other nightlife venues.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass has a film covering that makes it look darker than the usual glass. This type is commonly used by business owners if their shop is exposed to the sun most of the time. Tinted glass limits the amount of sunlight that enters the establishment keeping it cooler while protecting your products and customers from the sun’s rays. It also gives a little privacy which is a great choice for clinics and small offices.

Frosted Glass

For businesses that require lighter yet requires privacy, frosted glass is the best choice. It has a cloudy finish so people won’t get to see what’s inside. However, you can still allow a decent amount of sunlight to brighten up the place since it is not tinted. Frosted glass is usually used in clinics and spas.

Safety Glass

Safety glass is very strong that it can withstand blunt forces. If you’re shop is attractive to robberies, the best way to increase security is by installing a safety glass. It has a laminate that holds the glass together so it won’t fall apart when the glass gets splintered. This is commonly used on jewellery shops but you may use it if you’re worried about the security of your business.

Laminated Glass

This type of glass is used for architectural applications. One great feature of laminated glass is sound insulation. It is commonly used on art exhibit buildings and auditoriums. Whether you’re aiming to improve the overall look of your store or just wanted to add privacy or security to your place, commercial glass is a great choice.

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