How to Keep A Healthy Relationship with Your Ex-Spouse?

One of the main problems surround divorce is that after the whole emotionally and financially costly legal process, everyone comes out if it bitterer than when they came. This bitterness between people who were once so intimate and passionate with each other takes on another form and that is anger. All these negative emotions that revolves around this event becomes the cause in which deteriorates in their relationship with other people.

These events cause people to distrust others or will keep them from trusting promises and people. But the idea of having to keep friendship and a warm relationship with your ex-spouse is not an impossible feat to achieve, it is challenging and hard, but not impossible. Here are some ways to keep a healthy relationship with that complicated scenario.


Always keep the respect to the other person. Never should you talk about their bad characteristics behind their backs in which they cannot defend themselves against a gossip. Regardless of what they have done, one should find it in their heart to at least keep space for respect. This also includes the respect for the time to heal from the trauma. It takes time to heal and it also takes respect to back off while the other person is healing and respect their space for healing and growth into a new person.

Healthy Divorce Agreement

Keep those legal agreements and keep them religiously. But most importantly is that these legal agreements must be clear and rigid that there is not any space for miscommunication or misinterpretation. These agreements will somehow become the new ground in which a new platonic relationship will emerge and nourish.

These legal agreements should also be discussed thoroughly that it should be crystal clear for all parties involved. For example, child custody and visitation rights should be obeyed by both parents regardless of how they feel for each other.  Settlements on property and binding financial agreement Victoria should be kept and everyone must sign a written contract to formalize these agreements.


Always communicate. This might be a little awkward for the former couple but they must always communicate how they feel about certain issues in their divorce so that all emotional baggage is expressed and nothing is kept in the secret from each other. This extremely honest approach into this newly formed relationship will eventually cause the former spouses to be more open and lead to more honest communication with each other about certain things.

Be a Friend

Always be a friend to them. Never consider your former spouse to be your enemy. Yes, there will be details which will make you turn bitter towards them but never consider them your enemies because they too have once been a part of your life it just so happened that through unfortunate turn of things the marriage did not go as planned, but it never means that you have to be bitter to them your whole life. Especially if you have custody and visitation rights for your children.

There are some important issues revolving around divorce but these are just some of the most common problems surrounding it today.

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