How to Make Your First Buck as a Copywriter

When you begin your career as a copywriter, don’t be naïve and think you can write everything. The industry is a bit challenging if you will face it with an attitude like this. Plus, it will be easier for you to survive and succeed if you have a niche. This will also help you build a portfolio tailor suited to a client. For example, you have previously worked for a lifestyle company. You could identify as a copywriter that specializes in varied personal interests and daily activities. In the event you have another client in the same industry, you could send your lifestyle portfolio to them as a sample of your copywriting prowess.


If you seriously want to be a copywriter, it takes discipline and crunching in a lot of hours. You have to constantly learn all the marketing and advertising trends and you have to constantly adapt to what your client wants. But if you made it, the financial reward is satisfying.

Write Quality Content

Of course, you will be noticed if you write quality content. Clients will be most likely to trust you for your copy writing services if what you write is high-quality. If you are that good, your clients will agree to your terms since you are not replaceable. Clients will see that investing in you will profit them in the long run, a definite return on their investment.

Don’t Forget To Read about Other Niches

Even if you already have a niche, don’t forget to research about other niches since the possibility of having clients from other niches is still possible. There are also niches that are proven to bring in big more bucks and you should jump in on that for some serious profit.

Be Adaptable

If you begin your copywriting career in an agency and not as a freelancer, you would not have the freedom to choose your client. You should be prepared to take in clients and services or products that you don’t like or would be too difficult to sell. Remember that even if you don’t like a product or you are not availing of a service by your client, it does not necessarily mean there is no serious money involved. One wrong word might make your client loss enormous sums of money.

Learn the Ropes of Social Media

Social media is an effective means of marketing and one of the easiest to reach to a wide audience. Learn how you could use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to your advantage. These may be all social media platforms but the way they are used for marketing differs. Learn which one could be used depending on your client’s needs.

Have an Emergency Fund

As a freelance copywriter, you might be tempted to accept any job that comes your way especially if your money in the bank is seriously dwindling by the day. When you are thinking about your funds, it will be easier for you to agree as well with the client’s terms even if you are seriously underpaid.

Copywriting is the same as any learned skill, doing it every day will help you be better in it. Turn it into passion and your fire will motivate you to further improve. Complement it with professionalism and your copywriting career will surely take off.

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