Key Residential Neighborhoods in Melbourne

Melbourne, being the second largest city in Australia next to Sydney, and having been listed on top of the “Most Livable Cities in the World” is home to approximately 5 million individuals. Having an area of 9,990 km² it is a city that is quite popular among expatriates who appreciate the quality of life and the peace of mind it offers. Whist its weather is also known to have its mood-swings the residents of Melbourne have always valued the comfort and security it had offered thus far. Below are some of the key residential neighborhoods in Melbourne.

St. Kilda

St. Kilda is very popular for its beach. Coastal living at its’ best can be found in St. Kilda. It is around six kilometers from the Central Business District and is a location with a rich history. The neighborhood has a vibe of Edwardian and Victorian styled houses with a touch of modernity with contemporary apartments. It is more partial to those who have a significant amount to spend because prices for houses start from approximately $1,200,000 and prices for apartments start from $530,000.


This is an inner suburb in Melbourne, where it is a 20-minute commute from the CBD. It is a small town with a population of around 25,000 and is a quiet place to settle down for a family or even a young couple. It is opposite Dandenong and offers a safe and pleasant atmosphere. It is home to a variety of nationalities ranging from the Chinese, Vietnamese to Cambodians, Sri Lankans, and even Greeks. And, as a result offers a variety of colorful eateries and restaurants. If an expatriate decides to relocate to this colorful neighborhood, you should make sure to consult professional removalists in Keysborough.


This is an inner suburb located to the south-east of the CBD and once again offers Victorian styled houses and apartments. It offers an easy commute to the center of the city which is only a 30-minute ride if you’re taking public transport and if one wants to drive it will take close to 17 minutes. It has a range of restaurants, bars and parks every step of the way and even offers quality education facilities which is very nearby for homes – making it an ideal spot for start-up families.


Yarraville is located to the south of Melbourne and is a spot that attracts the artistic community from around the country and even the world. It has a very hip and quirky vibe with a range of art museums, yoga studios and quirky eateries along the roadside. It is an increasingly popular place with young families as there is a range of good education institutes around the area as well. The heart of the suburb Is the popular Sun Theatre Cinema which is always populated with the neighboring families.

Whilst thousands of people relocate to Australia, Melbourne every year, it is important to find the right place to live and move to, especially if one is looking to start a family. Melbourne offers homes for everyone; from neighborhoods that are family friendly and exclusive to affordable and private.

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