New Developments That Help Mankind

Mankind is ever changing, ever evolving, getting better at everything and each day we are getting more and more smarter, trying to enhance the journey of life to make it so much better and comfortable. People are super innovative and always try to bring to the world something that would be advantageous to us humans and something that would ease any aspect of life.

We have reached a very high level of achievements in the technical world with Excellence Academy and now we are slowly and slowly trying to enter the world of the human being – which is the human body: a world of its own. Our understanding of the human body is quite vast yet insufficient to fully help all the humans that suffer from various diseases and other problems in their life. However, we have made immense development in certain areas of science related to humans that have numerous benefits.

Genome Screening

The human genome is vast and very complex. The discovery of the human gene that corresponds to the human genome revolutionized our understanding of how the human functions. Following this amazing finding, many scientists utilized this knowledge for various innovations. Among them, one very useful one is genome screening. This is where the genome of an embryo is screened to check for potentially harmful genetic mutations such as the deadly one causing cystic fibrosis.

With genome screening, the parents who have the potential to be carriers of a particularly harmful disease can get their embryo screened to see if the embryo carries the harmful gene that will result in the baby having the disease. In this type of situation, if the screening comes back positive, the parents can decide if they want to continue with the pregnancy or not. Having the ability to determine if parents want to bring in a child that will suffer their whole life has truly made a difference.

Advances in Neuroscience

Neuroscience has been a thoroughly studied subject for a very long time. Understanding how the brain works have been an interest in a significant amount of scientists. The reason for this is that the brain is the power plant of the body, the control unit that runs everything. Understanding how the brain functions and produces various emotions etc. can be quite useful to help people with diseases such as clinical depression, anxiety etc. We have come a great distance from when we first began to research the brain. We have come such a distance that currently we are capable of programming it to be useful to us. For example, NLP is now becoming increasingly popular as many people want to be at ease with their emotions and not be stressed out. Learning the skill to be the master of your own mind is truly quite extraordinary and life changing in many ways.

Virtual Reality Applications

The introduction of virtual reality related applications began as video games solely for entertainment purposes. However, currently, it is rapidly gaining recognition for the vast opportunities it presents us. Virtual realities can be used for emergency reaction training, architecture, phobia management etc. The significance of this type of development is truly massive.

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