Teflon VS Ceramic; what to choose for automobile painting

Naturally, the humans can be either too picky, or too quick to pick. This happens when there are either too many options to choose from, or when there is a handful, but needs to be reviewed carefully before choosing; the choice between the Teflon paints and the ceramic paints are one of those dilemmas.

When you buy a brand-new car, there is not a bigger problem about the paint because it would be the original one. If this is a used one, then people who knows a thing or two will check whether it is the original paint, or whether it has been painted on. But, should you really give it a thought? You should since there is a massive difference.

What is the difference?

Difference #1:

Getting a paintjob all over the vehicle is just not something that we plan on doing at the end of every single month. With a paint based on Teflon, that risk is certainly there. The durability comparison between Teflon and ceramic based paints are too far apart that if you want the paint to stay on the body the longest, ceramic is what you go for. While the Teflon ones stay about 4-6 months, ideally applied ceramic based paints would last for a few years.

Difference #2:

But is there a visual difference? Yes, there is, and it looks quite different from one another. This is mainly due to the difference between the paint protection categories they belong to. When Teflon coating falls under the wax category, the ceramic new car paint protection services in Sydney falls under the clear ceramic coat. Since that difference is extremely visible to the naked eye, you won’t be able to showcase your vehicle in the prestigious way you want it to be shown. If we are talking about a high-end car, going for Teflon would be visual torture for anyone who sees it.

Difference #3:

Usually, a paint is not merely a paint but is supposed to act as a surface protection as well. Hence, the governing factor would the thickness of the protective or the paint layer. This is another aspect there the ceramic ones are miles ahead of the capabilities of Teflon. When the coating film thickness of Teflon is just 0.02 microns, the ceramic ones would be of 2 microns, providing a protection of 100 times compared to the Teflon. So, if you want the best protection, along with the looks, this is the best option.

Difference #4:

Typically, people tend to go for the cheapest options. This is just for that initial thought of saving money. The price of a ceramic paint job would be close to three times the cost of a Teflon based job. But when you have to repair and redo the Teflon surface every now and then, the ceramic ones would never ever have that issue. That is why it is the most cost-effective solution; that’s why it should be your choice as well.

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