Under-budget tips to rebrand your small/medium-scale business

Running a business following the COVID-19 pandemic is quite a hard task. But when you look at it as a challenge, it gives you enough strength to overcome the obstacle.

If branding is the establishment of an emotional connection with your clients, rebranding is upgrading that connection in the hope to deviate from the monotonous feeling. The expected benefit is the growth of the business with making more sales.

In this read, we’re going to talk about some under-budget methods to rebrand your small-scale or medium-scale business as the year 2021 comes to an end.

Offer special packages (especially for Christmas)

There are a few special occasions that Australians celebrate. Thanks to the immigrant diversity, the number of such occasions only have increased. But when generalized, Christmas is probably the biggest event of the year. This is the time during the year when people are expected discounts. But as a business, that could not that easy all the time. The best solution is to compile several gift items and make packages so that you can influence better and make higher profits.

Invest in better packaging

Regardless of the saying, the packaging or the cover plays an integral role in satisfying the client. Now that you know that special packages could make a difference, you can increase the appeal even more by packaging them in attractive ways.

If it was a set of wine bottles, you can always get packaging for that specific number of bottles, if it’s a set of gifts, a hamper box would be better, if the gifts were more to show than use, you can always use kraft style boxes with displaying features, and this list goes on.

Hence, when you use these sorts of simple and quite cheap marketing tactics, they’re going to bring in massive profits since they are actually useful for your clients that help them present better gifts. Because after all, the customer is intelligent, and your rebranding tactics shouldn’t insult their intelligence.

Avoid websites for marketing – instead…

If you’ve been thinking about launching a website for Christmas shopping, and for the whole rebranding process, you should reconsider it. Why? Launching a website is not cheap at all; you need to buy a domain, a hosting plan, and it’s not even permanent. Instead, what you should do is invest in social media marketing.

If you scouted the most popular social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, you’d see how the marketplace is filled with startup companies.

If you could show your collection inside amazing boxes that truly ooze out class and beauty, you’ll be attracting the crowd distributed all over the platform. Hence, investing in packaging can be identified as an integral cog in this operation.

Partner up with complementary businesses

This goes without saying; if your business has always struggled with packaging, all you need to do is partner up with a professional packaging company. That way, you don’t have to worry about time and labor costs for the preparation of packaging. Targeting Christmas, you can always join hands with a Christmas tree seller to sell both the trees and gifts, it’s that simple.

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