What to Consider When Designing an Office Space?

Whether it’s time to expand, start afresh or remodel your office quarters, the layout should be one that enhances an employee’s productivity. The working environment can act as a significant booster to employee motivation, which is why many leading organizations pay plenty of attention to this area. There are plenty of innovative things you could do that will make an ideal office layout but here are the most essential of ideas you’ll need to implement.


To stay on budget, you need to know some key things. For example, this would include identifying the number of employees under your control, how many departments and private offices would be needed, the number of conference rooms or break rooms and in total how much floor space. Sit yourself down and make all the calculations but also leave a little room for further growth because after all, growth is one of the major goals of any competitive business. By doing that, you will be able to have a good idea of what kind of budget you need to stick to. Leave a small percentage of your budget for emergencies and then you’re set to talk to your Architect and space planner about your plans.

Energy Efficiency

Due to pressure from the public and more and more awareness on the subject, companies worldwide are starting to recognize the importance of energy efficiency. You can prepare to be more conscious about your energy consumption from the material stage of your office designing. For example, you can invest in double glazing Perth.  By double glazing your windows and doors, you ensure that the building’s heat loss is dramatically reduced. A fun fact- standard windows and doors are responsible for up to 70% of heat loss. When closed, these windows also act as great insulators as well as prevent any build-up of moisture or condensation. This too helps save you money long term because this excess moisture tends to give way to mould and health issues in the building.

Future Growth

Like stated earlier, the ideal office layout will prepare for growth and expansion, keeping the amount of structural changes needed in the building to a minimum. A favourite amongst more innovative companies is modular furniture. This is because they fit the modern aesthetic while being quite sturdy. They are also rather easy to install, and if you need to expand you can just keep building on to them with more and more components!

Healthy Workplaces

Finally you need to make sure that your workplace is healthy for employees, both mentally and physically. Firstly you can invest in ergonomic desks and seating arrangements that would be comfortable for the employees. Else you’ll find yourself responsible for many health conditions and your company’s performance will also decrease. Next you can make sure you have large windows that allow plenty of natural light to allow the building- natural lighting is far more effective than artificial lighting. You can also paint your walls light or neutral shades so the workplace doesn’t look dark and dreary.

These are the most important things you’ll want to consider when designing an office space.

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